It’s important to toil against the impending jetlag and the most efficient way of doing that is mainlining buttermilk pancakes and bottomless cups of diner coffee.

On a recommendation from the lovely Gizzi Erskine on the Twitters, we wandered over for a full buttermilk assault.

It’s easy to forget just how ruddy fat they are. I’m getting to the stage where I’m quite proud of my own-recipe batter that gets made on weekends, but being confronted with a stack like this slaps me right back into place. These make mine look like Pancakes Jr.

Great texture, superb uniformity to the edge and the sautéed bananas were wicked sweet. Only complaints would be the sour cream doesn’t really bring much to the table and that we were wholly unable to finish them.

It’s also up the street from the Ghostbusters fire station, so overall, essential.

We want to come back for the scrapple, but realistically we’ll be there after midnight for some of that pie.

  • Simon.
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