Like conquering Mongols, we were on to the next dish.

We were drunk. We were in Downtown Los Angeles. We wanted some junk food. A bouncer told us to bowl down to Spring Street, and there, we found L.A. Café. That bouncer was a right geezer.

Sceptical that it looked too much like a bog standard cafe, we ventured in anyways, and on seeing chilli cheese fries on the menu were sold. My broseph also spied the Lobster Grilled Cheese, and on a high from the previous night’s grilled cheese food truck experience, ordered that too. Brilliant choice.

The lobster was lathered in a mornay-style sauce which was rich and lightly peppery from a hint of mustard. A thin layer of melted cheese was thrown on which glued it all to the bread perfectly. There were many tipsy cors and wows from both of us as we ploughed through it.

Like conquering Mongols, we were on to the next dish. The thick soup-like cheese was a great blanket for the crisp fries and customer-friendly chilli (it was missing a real kick). We got through that with presumably even less dignity.

Downtown L.A. has a real buzz to it and I was surprised how I hadn’t taken the time to explore it on previous visits. But whether you’ve spent your evening in a ridonkulous club or a dingy dive bar, this would be a pretty sweet place to end up.

Oh, and afterwards we wandered past a taping of CSI:NY, naturally.

  • Rob.
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