[BURGER] The Hemingway / London / Good fries out East

I was quite drunk by the time I decided to order this, and it was dark by the time it showed up.

Since other pubs near Victoria Park have started to hit their inevitable pre-Olympian decline, the Hemingway is my new favourite. Escaping the city for a quieter pint on a Friday night led to an evening spent outside the Hemingway soaking up the spring sunshine.

I was really surprised at the quality of this burger. No disrespect to the Hemingway - I’ve had a highly serviceable Sunday roast there - but the ability to serve up standard gastro fare doesn’t always extend to the burger.

It does here though. A stubby chunky patty arrived with a wonderfully melted cheddar enveloping it. The fries were pretty amazing too - properly crisp and seasoned in the Benelux tradition.

The Hemingway is Victoria Park’s best pub, and this burger is just another indication of how right they’ve got it.

  • Simon.

The Hemingway

84 Victoria Park Road


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